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Sunglasses | Infinity Cycles

Cycling glasses from the likes of 100% are an essential for any road cyclist.  From cool cycle sunglasses to clear lens eyewear, cycling glasses are a great choice for all year eye protection. Of course, cycle glasses aren’t just for roadies and many mountain bikers, especially XC riders, prefer cycling glasses to goggles when riding MTB.

Here at Infinity Cycles we have close ties with 100% and we know just how cycling glasses do a lot more than just protect your eyes from the sun. Bike-specific glasses are designed to fit well with your helmet and designed so they won't fall off mid-ride. The best cycling glasses offer great protection from wind, rain, debris and insects as well with rounded profiles that hug your face. Choose photochromic cycling glasses which adjust with the light or have interchangeable lenses for more flexibility. 

Explore the latest range and find your dream kit with Infinity Cycles, your number one destination for Cycle Clothing and Accessories. 

Plus with 0% finance offered across all current season bikes, shop with the North East UKs premier supplier of Bikes, Clothing, Protection and Accessories

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