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Chainrings are one of the essentials parts of your drivetrain, making up a part of the chainset. The chain goes around them on its way to your cassette, so the chainrings form part of the equation for your gearing. Chainrings come in a wide range of sizes, and also need to be matched to your crankset with the BCD, or Bolt Circle Diameter.

Chainrings are available for road bikes and mountain bikes, where hybrid bikes will use either road or mountain chainrings, depending on the drivetrain. Larger chainrings will make it tougher to go uphill, but will increase your top speed, whereas smaller chainrings will make going uphill easier, but you will run out of gears when headed downhill. Narrow wide chainrings are made for single-chainring setups and are great to keep your chain from falling off.

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