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Bosch E-bike Systems 2020 – The Gen 4 Motor is no longer a rumour!

Words by csdur

on 18/06/2019 16:36:19

Finally the much-anticipated Bosch Performance Line CX 2020 motor is here!

Read more below to find the most relevant information, 10 exciting facts about the new drive as well as a comprehensive look Bosch’s new motor

Bosch Performance Line 2020 Motor

As the largest and most important motor manufacturer in the premium ebike segment, Bosch introduced their first Performance Line CX motor in 2015, in response to the emerging eMTB trend, which it itself was instrumental in shaping. Without the market leader Bosch, ebiking wouldn’t be where it is today. While quality and functionality have always been high on Bosch’s list of priorities, the issues of integration and customisation have created the biggest challenges for most bike manufacturers. After all, the size and design of the motor heavily influence bike designs and geometry concepts. The same applies to the available displays and remotes, which strongly impact ergonomics and intuitive integration with the bike. Unlike many of their competitors, Bosch only provide a complete system and rely on standard parts for quick and easy availability of spares which is complemented by its well-established service network offered through its service partner Magura.

10 Facts about the 2020 Bosch Performance Line CX
  1. More powerful: while torque remains constant at 75 Nm, the support of the new CX motor has been increased from 300% up to 340%.
  2. More compact: compared to the previous model, the volume has been reduced by almost 50%. Granted, the previous CX motor was quite bulky! This will allow for better, more sophisticated integration as well as improved bike geometry.
  3. Lighter: the new CX motor features a magnesium housing and weighs 25% less than its predecessor – around 2.9 kg.
  4. More sensitive: eMTB mode has been reprogrammed to deliver consistent power over a wide cadence range. Sprinting out of the gate or pedalling at an even cadence? In eMTB mode, the support feels very natural!
  5. Better modulation: Turbo mode has also been updated and is less choppy, especially when you get going, though still very powerful! As usual, the CX motor has four modes: Eco, Tour, eMTB and Turbo.
  6. Smoother: the transition at the 25 km/h threshold has been significantly improved. Instead of a mini chainring and a gearbox, the power is now transmitted directly via a large chainring. The motor has almost no internal resistance, which should eliminate the draggy feel of the previous model when pedalling above the 25km/h cut-off.
  7. Quieter? unfortunately not. The new motor has some noise issues – especially with the chainring’s new freewheel (for more details see our review on page XX).
  8. Narrower: the Q-factor (distance between the cranks) has been narrowed down to 175 mm in order to provide a more natural pedalling sensation. The narrower, the better. To compare, Yamaha’s motor is under 170 mm, Shimano’s is at 177 mm, and Brose’s is more or less 180 mm wide (depending on the cranks).
  9. Greater capacity: in addition to the previous 500 Wh internal battery, you’ve now also got the PowerTube 625, for more capacity and longer rides.
  10. Goodbye tuning: new anti-tuning software detects motor tuning and manipulation via sensors while you’re riding which then automatically switches the motor into limp home mode. Bosch is thus responding to the requirements of the EN15194: 2017 standard.



Not Just a Refreshed Version

The new Bosch Performance Line CX isn’t just a refreshed version of its outdated predecessor, but an entirely new motor altogether. Checkout the Old VS New comparison below we’ll tell you what’s changed and if the new version is really that much better!



Bosch Performance CX 2020: Small but impressive!

The new Bosch Performance Line CX is almost half the size of its predecessor. But instead of just shrinking down the old motor, bosch have instead redesigned the new one from scratch. For example, the drive shaft no longer sits in the middle of the housing and has now moved further back and upwards. As a result, bike manufacturers are given more freedom to develop and implement frame designs with shorter chainstays and more efficient rear ends.

The result? We can expect a new generation of exciting eMTBs with better handling qualities and increased fun factor coming our way soon!


Bosch Performance CX 2020: Smaller equals lighter!

2.79 kg vs. 4.09 kg

In this context, we could use a simple equation to describe the new Performance Line CX 2020 drive: less material = less weight. Bosch’s development team put its high-end motor through a strict diet and trimmed its weight by a whopping 1.3 kg


The torque remains the same: But the assistance goes up!

340 % vs. 300 %

Both the old and new Bosch Performance Line CX models bring a torque of 75 Nm. But not all else is equal. Whilst the old model provides up to 300% assistance in Turbo-mode, the newer version goes up to an impressive 340%. All other assistance levels have been revised too. The support level of Tour mode has been increased from 120% to 140%. These changes are also reflected in eMTB mode. Bosch’s new progressive mode modulates dynamically between Tour and Turbo and adjusts the support according to the riding scenario and the amount of pressure you put on the pedals – ranging from 140% to 340% with the new motor and 120% to 300% with the old Bosch Performance CX.


New batteries from Bosch

Bosch have also extended their range of internal batteries. The PowerTube 400 has the same shape as the PowerTube 500, which was launched two years ago. With a capacity of 400 Wh, the PowerTube 400 is suitable both for city bikes and as a spare battery to carry along on long eMTB rides. The true highlight in the battery department, however, is Bosch’s new powerhouse, the PowerTube 625. With a capacity of 625 Wh, it was designed to provide optimal range on long distances. But the extra power comes at a price: the big battery is a few centimetres longer and 700 g heavier than the PowerTube 500. Unfortunately that means that you can’t upgrade your current PowerTube 500 to a PowerTube 625.



As far the stats go, the new Bosch CX 2020 surpasses its predecessor, Lighter, Smaller and has the ability to give more assistance. We look forward to seeing which Bike manufacturers bring this motor to market first!

Stay Tuned!